2020 Camp Canceled

Due to the ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are left with no choice but to cancel our camp for 2020. We look forward to hosting the 10th Annual Maximum Velocity Track and Field Academy in June 0f 2021.


The Kentucky Track and Cross Country Coaches Association (KTCCCA) is once again offering scholarship opportunities to the Maximum Velocity Track and Field Academy for Kentucky athletes and coaches. There will be 15 full, and 10 half scholarships awarded to athletes, and 10 full scholarships awarded to coaches.

Kentucky Athletes

In order to qualify to receive a full or partial scholarship, you must be a Kentucky resident. Also, in an attempt to bring in some new participants to the camp, athletes that have previously been awarded the full scholarship more than once will only be considered if there aren't enough new applicants meeting the qualifications.

To apply for a scholarship, you need to submit an essay to Linda Sarrett by e-mail at linda.sarrett@henry.kyschools.usThe essays for athletes must be submitted no later than April 20th, and must include the following:

1) Why do you want to attend this camp?

2) Why do you feel deserving of a scholarship?
     (include financial need, as well as achievements, goals, etc.)

3) What are you hoping to get out of the camp?

4) How do you feel attending this camp will benefit your future in track and field?

*If you applied for, and received a scholarship last year, you are still eligible to receive one this year. In order to be considered again, you must include an additional paragraph detailing what you gained from the camp last year, and how it will benefit you to return.

Scholarships will be awarded by the committee based on the quality of the essays. 

Kentucky Coaches

The scholarship includes attendance all days of the camp, and lunch each day. You will be responsible for lodging and all other meals. To be eligible for a scholarship, you need to meet the following requirements.

1) You must be a KTCCCA member/coach

2) You must agree to work at least one of the KTCCCA meets (Meet of Champions, Nationals, or Middle School State track meet.

3) You must submit a short essay to Linda Sarret by e-mail at linda.sarrett@henry.kyschools.us explaining why you want this opportunity.

The essays for coaches must be submitted no later than April 2oth.


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