What to Bring

Campers Needs

Wondering what to bring to camp?  The following are items that we suggest that you bring with you:

*No cameras or video recording devices will be allowed during the instructional sessions

_____   Water bottle (with name on it)
_____   Raincoat/poncho (optional)
_____   Running shoes
_____   Swim suit/swim trunks
_____   Extra pair of shoes to wear (in case of wet shoes)
_____   Pajamas
_____   Daily change of underwear and socks
_____   Daily change of pants, shorts, and shirts
_____   Daily changes of clothes that you are comfortable working out in/running in
_____   Towel or beach towel
_____   Note pad and pencil
_____   Specialty shoes (spikes, jump shoes, throws shoes)
_____   Implements (shots, discs, javelins)
_____   Pole Vault Poles

Bedding: (twin mattress and bunk beds are provided)
_____   Sleeping bag or sheets and blankets
_____   Pillow

_____   Toothbrush and toothpaste
_____   Washcloth and towels
_____   Soap, shampoo, brush, comb
_____   Deodorant
_____   Garbage bags for dirty clothes, shoes, etc.

Optional/Extra Items to Consider:
_____   Bug spray
_____   Sun screen
_____   A few snacks of choice
_____   Other drinks if you want something other than water or gatorade
_____   Spending money for snack/pop machines or ice cream