We believe that MAXIMUM VELOCITY TRACK AND FIELD ACADEMY is the premier track and field camp in the nation. However, don't just take our word for it. See what some of our participants had to say.

2011 Clinicians from Left to Right: Jamie Nieto, Jeff Hartwig, Bershawn Jackson, Kristin Heaston, Sharrieffa Barksdale, Tyson Gay, Camp Director Lisa Owens, Francie Larrieu-Smith, Aretha Hill-Thurmond, Angela Taylor, Larry Myricks, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Johnny Gray.

Olympian Clinicians

Jackie Joyner Kersee and Sharrieffa Barksdale

Jackie Joyner Kersee and Sharrieffa Barksdale
Jackie Joyner Kersee and I are so happy to express our gratitude and appreciation for a job well done. 
The dedication and effort which Lisa Owens put into producing a track and field academy at Centre College was magnificent.  It is a tribute to all of her hard work, creativity, and innovative spirit.  These results do not happen overnight.  They are the outcome of a long path of effort.   We want to thank our Olympian family for their genuine compassion and concern in becoming role models investing their time and expertise in developing our youth.  It was an honor for us to work with these talented and amazing athletes.  We strongly felt that each athlete left with confidence and took away valuable information they could use to maximize their training.
The Academy gave them a new perspective on available opportunities and resources in preparation for success.  We received positive feedback from the coaches as well as the athletes.  By the second day of the academy there was a real sense of camaraderie between everyone which also raised the enjoyment of coaches and athletes. It was wonderful working with the athletes showing them how to correctly use the blocks in the hurdles and learning the proper technique in the long jump and other events. Jackie and I have learned more from MVTFA than any camp we have hosted or participated in due to a huge team of support from the staff.   
“Remember you are Somebody and you will let Nothing Stand in your way!!”

Francie Larrieu-Smith

“This camp is the best camp that I have been associated with in 45 years as an athlete and coach.  I am in a unique position to have a good understanding of what makes a good camp from several different perspectives.  Aside from my experience as an athlete and coach, I am an experienced camp clinician at (several other large camps in the nation), and finally as an organizer and host of my own cross country camp at Southwestern University.  Centre College is an ideal place to host a camp.  The facilities are outstanding from the track to the weight room to the classrooms to the cafeteria and dorms.  It has been my experience that such numbers (for) a first year camp are unheard of.  In fact a few of the Olympian clinicians and I discussed the outstanding turnout for the MVTFA.  We discussed that our collective experiences with first year camps is that the numbers of attendees are often much less.  I can only imagine what the MVTFA will be in the future."

Lauryn Williams

“The MVTFA is an awesome camp that provides an amazing experience for aspiring track and field athletes. To be able to work with an Olympian specific to your event group is a rare opportunity. I really enjoyed sharing my story and answering questions to a very inquisitive group of youth."

Jamie Nieto

"I think the Maximum Velocity summer camp at Centre College is one of the best in the nation. All the athletes seem to have a great time, learning and competing. Maximum Velocity has done an amazing job putting this camp together and meeting the needs of all the kids. It's been an honor to be a part of such an amazing camp. I can't wait for next year!" 

Jeff Hartwig

“Just wanted to write and say thanks again for inviting me for the camp.  I have received several e-mails from my campers and they seem to have enjoyed and learned a lot at camp.  If you do it again next year, I am definitely interested."

Bershawn Jackson

“I think the MVTFA is a great thing for the kids to see and get pointers from professional athletes.  I feel this camp will make it much easier for the young athletes to be the next Olympic gold medalist because they see hope knowing we were in their shoes at one point in our lives.  I wish I had this program when I was coming up as a youth.  This camp is the best thing I have seen yet."

 Coaches Who Attended:
Brent Wagner-Boyle County High School:
“Great quality instruction.  The Olympians did not just go through the motions; they gave great individual instruction for each athlete.  This was a fantastic experience.   We brought six athletes this year, but I will bring more next year."

Jackie Faulkenberg-Presentation Academy High School:
“I loved the drills, techniques, and breaking apart each event to its basics.  I liked being able to talk to Jackie and the other Olympians individually about the specifics of the events.  I plan on attending and promoting this camp every year."

Debra Moore-Dupont Manual High School:
“It was fabulous.  The kids had a great experience and we as coaches got to apprentice under some of the best athletes in the world.  Our kids got to see how high is up and spend 4 days with a group of athlete/coaches who have dedicated their lives to being the best they can be.  They not only inspired the kids, but we as coaches as well.  The chance to work with our kids with the coaches means we can work together to bring the best of the programs back into our team.  I think it was great to learn along side of our kids.  Realistically, the best way to bring it back to teams is through the coach/athlete partnership.  You have made disciples of many of the coaches, from inside and outside of the state."

Sedrick Williams-Henry County High School:
“I just wanted to send out a great big THANK YOU for putting on such a great summer track camp.  I hope this opportunity continues next year and I’m willing and would like to assist in any way possible to make it happen."

John Powell-Burgin Independent School:
“I would like to thank you along with all of your staff and supporters for all of their hard work last week.  I have talked to a few other parents and they all were expressing nothing but praise.  I cannot express how wonderful the athletes were, and their willingness to get hands on with the campers was tremendous.  I know my son enjoyed the camp and learned a whole lot-hopefully you will have it again next year-I know we’ll be there.  Thanks again."

Parents of Campers Who Attended:

J. Jamner
“Thank you for providing this extraordinary opportunity.  Our son came home so excited and inspired.  If you do this again next summer, he already wants to attend and would gladly help spread the word.  You did a terrific job with this camp."
M. Hubbard
“Thanks so much for hosting the MVTFA.  My daughter attended the camp and is still talking about everything that she learned.  Again, thanks so much…it was a very rewarding and positive experience for her."

M. DeHarte
“I just wanted to let you know that my son LOVED the MVTFA.  He learned a lot, and had a great time.  Thanks for all your work!”

T.  Pennington
“I wanted to drop a note to say thank you for putting together the MVTFA.  My daughter had a wonderful time and continues to rave about how great her experience was during the camp.  This has sparked her to maintain a level of fitness over the summer as she gears up for her cross country season.  Hopefully this will be an annual camp."

K. Kitchen
“Yesterday my daughter met Tyson Gay.  Today, she heard from Jackie Joyner Kersee:  Being a great track athlete doesn’t mean anything if you’re not a great person off the track.  Love this!  I want to go to camp."

Campers Who Attended:

A. Harber
“I don’t know if you received any other e-mails about the camp, but it was the best camp I have ever been to and probably the most well organized also.  It was just great being able to meet the Olympians and see that they really did take an interest in us and were willing to teach us.  I will definitely come again next year!!!”

E. Akin
“I just wanted to thank you all for the most AMAZING camp experience of my life.  It was the perfect seg-way back into summer conditioning and reminded me of all the reasons I hold running so near and dear."

A. Snider
“MVTFA was AWESOME!!!  Wish it lasted longer."

C. Palmer
“I miss camp.  I want to go back so bad!  I wish it had been longer."

J. Duvall
“Six and a half hours of pure hurdling technique and acceleration drills.  I am in heaven.  Jackie Joyner Kersee is the best coach ever."

M. Cabe
“I have really progressed and gotten better over these four years of track & field, but I’ve progressed and learned more in these two days than all those four years put together."

Anonymous Camper
“I am leaving with a greater appreciation for events that are not my own as well as the most amazing instruction in my individual events."

N. Moore
“The opportunity itself of meeting these absolutely amazing people was a dream come true.  So being able to have them critique me; they are the best there is."

Anonymous Camper
“Working with the Olympians was great!  I learned so much and am very happy I took advantage of this opportunity.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is passionate about track & field."

M. King
“I will definitely attend again next year and know at least four other people who would also that did not attend this year."

Anonymous Camper
“This camp was absolutely one of the best experiences I have had.  I not only developed a desire to improve, but also found out what I need to do to improve.  All of the Olympians and coaches were EXCELLENT."

K. Lester
“I really learned a lot that I will take back to my other teammates as well.  I really appreciate all of your hard work.  This was just a memory that I will never forget."

C. Teets
“I think you should continue to have this camp; it was such a great experience with learning.  I will talk to many about this camp."

S. McDaniel
“AMAZING!!!  I would not change anything about this camp.  I learned so much more about my events from the Olympians and other athletes around me."

B. Brown
“The thing that I liked most about this camp was that the Olympians were so nice and so encouraging.  They did not beat us down or make fun of us.  They kept on encouraging us and believing in us.  I was so blessed to attend!!”

Anonymous Camper
“I want to come back and will do everything in my power to promote this camp."

L. Campbell
“I enjoyed meeting new friends; and by friends I don’t just mean the other campers.  I mean the Olympians also.  They worked with us on such a personal level and truly motivated and encouraged us to reach our full potential."

Anonymous Camper
“The camp really motivated me to believe that I could do better."

Anonymous Camper
“It was great.  I WILL come back next year."

C. Stubbs
“I absolutely loved this camp; please keep doing it."

Anonymous Camper
“I enjoyed that there was so many Olympians so we knew we were working with the best and so that every event had the help of an expert.  PLEASE have it again!  I loved it!”

Anonymous Camper
“I learned more in these four days than I have in the five years that I have been running."

Anonymous Camper

“My favorite part about the camp was the individual advice that the Olympians gave.  It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.  I would love to attend again next year."

B. Ferman
“I really enjoyed the camp and felt like I got a lot better.  This is the best track camp EVER.  I will be the first one here if you will do it again."

Anonymous Camper
“Great Olympic instructors, amazing facilities, intense and focused individualized instruction, freedom to ask anything."

T. Lowe
“This camp was completely awesome and revitalized my passion for the sport."